Sell more with artificial intelligence – welcome to CEE SME Banking Club

The retention of customers is seven times cheaper than their acquisition. Therefore, what actions should financial institutions take to keep their clients?
What, in turn, determines the acquisition of new customers? The answers to these questions will be provided by Marta Mróz-Sipiora, Product Manager at Asseco Poland, who will be one of the speakers at the 6th edition of the “CEE SME Banking Club Conference”, which will be held online on November 25.

Together we will talk about the following topic: “How to increase sales with artificial intelligence by retaining your best customers and attracting new ones?”. We will discuss how to take care of the customer experience of small and mid-sized businesses. We will also present all stages of leading a client in a financial institution, depending on whether a company has just started cooperation with a bank or is already using its services.

When acquiring new customers, it is necessary to divide them into appropriate groups and present a dedicated offer. If we are talking about regular customers, it is worth to offer them a cross-sell or up-sell offer. In turn, if there is a risk that companies will resign from the services of a financial institution, a retention offer should be made to them – said Marta Mróz-Sipiora, Product Manager, Asseco Poland.

During this year’s meeting, experts from the financial sector will present the latest trends in the digital transformation in the banking segment of small and mid-sized enterprises and discuss the importance of new organizations in this sector.



Asseco’s presentation “The ways AI can reveal your best customers and acquire news ones – how to boost your sales?” will take place on November 25, 2020, at 09:55-10:10.

We kindly invite you to participate in the “Central and Eastern Europe SME Banking Club Conference 2020”. Taking part in the conference is free